Case Study

ACR Audience Intelligence Platform


The Technology

Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) captures the frequency an audience has viewed a TV ad, allowing advertisers to better manage exposure to ad content across TV and digital inventory. ACR platform data also exposes key insights into TV viewership audiences, breaking down demographic data and media consumption habits.

ACR data showed a majority of users only saw our TV ads one time

ACR audience analysis uncovered critical vulnerabilities in our TV buy, demonstrating which users needed additional frequency in our digital programs in order to meet the minimum requirements for persuasion. Below is a snapshot of the TV buy in Michigan’s tenth district showcased by the quintile distribution of the frequency by which users had viewed TV ad content.

We identified a portion users that needed additional frequency...

We matched the low frequency audience against our persuasion universe, ramping up delivery on programmatic platforms.

And our strategy paid off

This approach ultimately led to a double-digit increase in both name ID and favorability in the district, and most importantly, a victory on Election Day!