What is Social Intelligence?

Today’s news cycle moves at ludicrous speeds. New information impacts audiences so quickly that traditional polling has a hard time keeping pace. What if there was a solution that could compliment polling, monitor public opinion, and help you better optimize your marketing initiatives in real-time?

Social intelligence is a technology that integrates the millions of data points on social media and other non-traditional data sources into the overall research mix.

Social intelligence analyzes publicly-available social data using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to classify each post, and determine the favorability toward an issue or candidate, and tracks changes in volume and sentiment.

All this can help you better understand the pulse of the online conversation around candidates, topics, and issues.

What can Social Intelligence do?


Social intelligence provides analytics about conversations audiences organically discuss online. Because social intelligence is always on, breaking news is rapidly reflected in changes to volume and sentiment. The end result is a mix of qualitative and quantitative data.

Platform Insights

Audiences and topics can be analyzed by platform. Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit as well as online news sites and blogs are included in this analysis.

Sentiment Analysis

Natural language processing breaks down individual posts to determine if a user is expressing positive, negative, or neutral sentiment towards a topic. Looking at these statistics over time reveals trends in attitude around the issues and individuals that matter to your organization.


Reach not only accounts for users who discuss a topic but also users who silently observe this discussion. It gives you a idea of the volume of a conversation, and observing reach over time gives a sense of the trending popularity of that conversation.

Influencer Identification

Certain accounts & individuals on social media drive conversations more than others and have the greatest reach. Social intelligence can tell you who these people are and how they are discussing your candidate or topic.


A profile on the types of media your audience engages with can  inform how you can best reach them and how they might be impacted by the news cycle.


Audience Development

Know who your audience is, how engaged they are, how they interact with you, and how they feel moment-to-moment.

Questions Social Intelligence Can Answer:


“How do users feel about
my candidate?”

“How did sentiment change
from last month?”

“What words are most associated
with my opponent?”


“When did my topic start
being mentioned?”

“How many users saw posts
about my topic?”

“What users are influencing
the conversation about my topic?


“How do Facebook users feel about my issue compared to Twitter users?”

“What platforms are users using most
to discuss my issue?”

“When was my issue
most mentioned in the last week?”