AdVictory is a media-buying technology stack specializing in data optimization, targeting, and ad delivery. AdVictory provides clients with audience analytics , data matching services, and seamless placement integrations, allowing you to take digital voter contact to new levels.

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There are 312,322,257 Internet users in America and counting…

Let us help you find the right ones for your campaign.

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All You Need to Launch a Campaign with AdVictory


Choose from our custom universes or provide us with the information about who you’d like to reach.


Tell us the amount you want to spend on digital ads and for how long they should run.


Let us know your preferred advertising channel–search, social, display, video, etc.

Audience Match & Targeting

Our advertising approach focuses primarily on data matching and delivering adverts directly to target individuals, households, or devices. The technology and data integrations that drive our optimization prioritize specific social profile, IP, and mobile device matches.

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No more navigating between multiple online channels while sorting through dozens of meaningless metrics to find what you need. All of your analytics funnel into our custom reporting dashboard, which allows you to view, explore, and export the stats you want when you want them.

Technology Integration

Part of what makes AdVictory’s approach to targeting unique is our integration with other voter contact platforms. This allows us to synchronize your digital efforts, including advertising and emails, with offline operations like phone, door-to-door, and mail.

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Our Clients

We’ve worked with elected officials, political campaigns, and advocacy organizations at the local, state, and national levels, so we understand that every campaign is different. This is why we work to create a unique process for each client that’s as flexible as it is comprehensive.

Featured Case Studies


Find out more about out award-winning work in state legislature, congressional, senate, and gubernatorial races.

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From delivering hyper-targeted ads to poll respondents to amplifying the message of an awareness campaign, AdVictory can give your campaign unparalleled reach and take your digital strategy to the next level.

Feel free to contact us to get your next ad campaign launched.