AdVictory’s Linear Audience Bridge (LAB)

Identify and reach targets missing from your traditional linear media program.

Linear media campaigns across broadcast and cable have the potential to quickly reach a large segment of the target audience with impactful messaging. However, in today’s fragmented media landscape, an initial burst of reach can leave gaps. Introducing AdVictory’s Linear Audience Bridge (LAB). Our proprietary solution creates the ideal omni-channel strategy for any highimpact media campaign, maintaining consistency, building incremental reach, and efficiently saturating your audience. When a linear campaign gets the wheels moving, AdVictory’s LAB is the machine that drives the message home.

How does LAB Work?

1. Identify

We identify users exposed to linear media messages and use state-of-the-art technology to funnel them into segments classified by level of message exposure.

2. Model

Using proprietary data and media consumption modeling, we create saturation projections and identify inventory consumed by low saturation users.

3. Refine

We refine this data and analyze the overlap between linear exposure segments and your target audience to create our actionable LAB segments.

4. Activate

We activate the LAB segments, targeting users with lower liner media exposure across digital and streaming platforms, identifying the most-efficient inventory mix and budget needed to equalize message saturation across segments.

5. Saturate

After launch we ensure that planned saturation levels are maintained across message variants, channels, and markets, efficiently distributing your message and giving you the most efficient saturation for your budget.

How do I start a LAB campaign?

Bring your existing linear campaign or we can help you plan one. Once we process your campaign, we create LAB segments unique to your campaign, providing you with linear reach details, additional channels to consider, and budget allocation recommendations. From there, we launch your campaign, activating media against our LAB segments and optimizing budgets and media plans in order to meet your goals. AdVictory’s Linear Audience Bridge can help drive your message home. Contact us to learn how we’ve made success into a science with LAB.