Case Study

Syncing polling data with digital to develop across-channel voter contact program

Best Use of Display Advertising for Congressional Campaign


With two weeks remaining until the election, the Bergman for Congress campaign brought in AdVictory and our partners at Victory Phones to coalesce the online and telephony efforts with the campaign’s grassroots, volunteer, mail, and TV endeavors.


We immediately set about generating voter IDs from interactive voice response (IVR) outreach to inform the digital and phone efforts. This data directed us to the undecided voters that the candidate could persuade and turn out to help close the gap in the polls.

Over the last two weeks of the campaign, Victory Phones completed over 6,000 IVR interviews and nearly 5,000 live persuasion calls.

These IDs served as a guide for our final ad universes and were seamlessly fed directly into our digital workflows, which we used to prioritize delivery of the right message to the right voter.

After matching these hard IDs directly to mobile devices and social media profiles, we created models from the voter universe, which supplemented the reach of our digital efforts with high-similarity audiences.

Persuasion calls were coupled with digital ads to create a one-two punch of offline and online messaging for these universes and ensured that anyone not matched for digital would be prioritized for telephony, and vice versa.


Utilizing our coordinated phone and digital program, which was bolstered by strong collaboration with all areas of the campaign, AdVictory helped the candidate rise from a three-point deficit in the polls to a seven-point margin of victory on election day.