Case Study



The Focus

After surveying the district, our strategy hinged on two factors: the 58.3% ethnically Hispanic population, and suburban and rural demographics. Through topical creative targeting, leveraging Spanish-language messaging, our digital program helped John gain the pivotal 3,000 votes to secure victory. 

Realizing Potential

At the early onset of the campaign, we saw an opportunity to leverage the fact that the two opponent candidates were not targeting Spanish-speaking voters.  Realizing this, we targeted Spanish-language voters using contextual advertising (i.e. interests in Telemundo and ESPN Deportes) to expand from a voter file, allowing us to reach more than 20,000 voters on Facebook, and more than 12,000 people with programmatic inventory. As the only campaign in this district to deploy a Spanish-specific strategy, we saw higher engagement rates with our advertisements.

Our Messaging

Within Arizona LD4, Yuma County and Gila Bend are rural, agricultural-dependent areas compared to suburban Maricopa County. Due to these insights, we focused on messaging John as a farmer uniquely positioned to understand the values of agriculture policies; as a small business owner and supporter, a father, and a former teacher for the suburban targeting. For our English-language programmatic and Facebook advertisements, we were able to contact over 35,000 voters.

As the only Republican, a political newcomer and outsider that faced off against two Democratic incumbents, it was imperative for John to have a digital campaign that encompassed the demographic, ethnic, and economic interests of Arizona’s 4th Legislative District. 

The Results

Through surveying the district, we realized the importance of the rural versus suburban cohort, and the large Spanish-language population. As a diverse district, our varied demographic targeting catered messaging to voters on issues they deal with on a daily basis, while posing John as a man of the people. Being the only candidate in the field to target Spanish-language voters allowed us to reach more than 25,000 unique voters who were inundated with only our messaging. Rather than using a “one-size-fits-all”, we strategically prioritized our advertisements and audiences to relay Joel John’s platform to voters.