Technology Integration

Part of what makes AdVictory’s approach to targeting unique is our integrations with other voter contact platforms. These integrations allow AdVictory to synchronize your digital voter contact programs with other offline voter programs like phone, door, mail, and email.

Conservative Connector

Conservative Connector provides clients with access to proven conservative donors and activists through rented email lists gathered from various Republican candidates and right-leaning organizations. Our data integration allows AdVictory to help you reach these targets through social, video, and display advertising.

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Victory Phones

Victory Phones is the leading cloud based telephony platform on the political space and beyond. Our exclusive integration with Victory Phones offers the opportunity to make the results of telephony campaigns immediately actionable across an array of digital delivery channels. When a voter responds that they are undecided in an IVR survey you can serve them persuasion creative through AdVictory.

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Voter Relationship Manager is voter contact data organizational platform. VRM’s fully managed data service approach takes data from a voter contact programs, stores it, and organizes it for segmenting targeted universes. AdVictory’s exclusive integration with VRM allows segmented audiences from VRM to become actionable across an array of digital delivery channels.

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