Adam Meldrum

Founder and Managing Partner

Adam is AdVictory’s five-star general. With an extensive background in the political world, he directs our clients to victory on the digital front. Ask him about Phish or The Grateful Dead sometime.

Cori Jaques

Senior Digital Strategist

Cori helped develop digital strategy for award-winning gubernatorial, senate, and congressional campaigns in the 2018 cycle, placing over $10 million in online ad buys. Outside of the office, you can find her on a quest to find the best nachos in DC.

Ali Van Dorn

Senior Digital Strategist

Ali moved to DC from Virginia Beach in 2015 and has worked on strategy and media placement for numerous campaigns, advocacy, and special interest groups. When she’s not developing media strategies, you can find her at the beach on the weekends or her apartment pool pretending it’s a beach.

Joel Calvert

Senior Graphic Designer

Joel wrangles graphics for AdVictory and can make a map of Michigan’s lower penninsula with his right hand! The Game of Thrones finale pulled him from last to third in our office fantasy league.

Jackson Ward

Digital Ad Operations Associate

Jackson snowboards and climbs mountains in the Pacific Northwest! He helps our clients reach their optimum audience and keeps them current on the success of their campaigns.

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